Shendrones Thicc Hevi Cinelifter FPV Quadcopter Drone - Frames hardware + Parts

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We are the UK’s only distributor for Andy Shen’s fantastic range of Shendrones. We have only focused on Squirts over recently months and have now branched out to purchase some Thicc hardware kits, frames and 3D parts. These are located in the UK and posted within 2-3 days but normally much sooner! N The listing is for the frame, hardware and printed parts. I include both parts for the DJI and analogue version so there is no need to state which model you want - you can build the kit into either type. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. ————— Thicc is a 390mm 7" X8 made to carry larger cameras like the Black Magic Pocket. The camera mounts with a 1/4-20 screw and straps. Arms are 8mm carbon, main body plates are 2.5mm, bottom plate is 3mm. With 2 spots for 30x30 fc stacks, standoff height is 20mm. Feel free to request 25 or 30mm standoffs instead. Recommended build uses 2 4-in-1 esc's, the Lumenier Lux7, and Brotherhobby 2806.5 1300kv's. Full kit includes printed parts: landing gear, fpv cam mount, and cam mount dampers (both versions pictured). The DJI version also includes a sleeve for the air unit and antenna mounts. Shendrones Thicc Hevi Cinelifter FPV Quadcopter Drone for professional Footage. Condition is "New".